Benefits of the far- infrared sauna:

  • Detoxification- sweating is the body's natural way to eliminate toxins.  Deep sweating at the cellular level helps remove unwanted toxins from the body.  Many cancer patients have used the sauna after completing chemo.
  • ​Provides a safe heat without UV- light which is harmful to the skin.
  • ​Pain Relief- infrared heat penetrates tissue, joints and muscle to relieve                                                                                                      conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis.
  • ​Improves Blood pressure- infrared saunas increase the heart rate which                                                            and in turn improves circulation and improves blood pressure.
  • ​Weight loss- infrared saunas burn upward of 600 calories while you relax                                                                                  It is specifically beneficial to people who have mobility issues and need to                                                                            issues and need to loose weight or burn calories. ​ 

Maintenance Therapy-  *Free first 30 days/prices vary depending on plan after 30 days

  • ​Many patients wish to continue their therapy after they have completed their therapy.  Some conditions may require on-going treatment for continued muscle strength.  Some people do not want to regress or loose what they have worked to achieve during therapy.  If your insurance plan has reached it's limit, affordable maintenance plans are available at an affordable price. 

Massage Therapy *$1.00 per Minute

  • If you feel you need deep tissue massage for an ongoing chronic condition our massage therapist can provide that service after your treatment has been completed.  

Weight Loss/Nutrition Programs * Prices Vary depending on plan- Please ask for a consultation

  • ITD Physical Therapy works with a nutritionist who can help patients achieve their goal of the best possible physical rehabilitation possible. 

Physical Fitness Personal Trainers* Prices very depending on Plan- Please ask for a consultation

  • Once you finish rehabilitation, ITD Physical Therapy is committed to helping patients achieve the best possible results that will last a lifetime.  We work with consultants who can help patients achieve results they didn't even know were possible. 

Jazzercize * $25.00 per CLass

  • If you want to have fun and stay fit, we have a great way to stay fit while having fun, Jazzercise!